The Ultimate Guide to Indian Instagram Thrift Stores

3 min readNov 4, 2020

Somebody posted about their newly thrifted shoes, and that vintage printed shirt on social media. Also, that pretty yellow dress… which is Secondhand! It got you wondering because not everyone has a Goodwill store around the corner, definitely not in India. So, you did a bit of digging and came across a few online thrift stores on Instagram, then a few more and a few more, and the cycle never ended.

In the last couple of months of 2020, we witnessed the rise of small business owners and their virtual thrift stores. With the pandemic causing a lot of businesses to shut shop, the Indian Instagram Thrifting community is a lovely thing to come out of this pandemic. As we grow more conscious about our purchasing choices, these Instagram shops are bridging the gap between buyers and sellers by offering unique vintage, second-hand, surplus, and hand-made fashion finds. However, with the many options now available, finding what fits your style can get exhausting.

At SUSS, we’re excited for you to start your thrifting journey, and to make it easier we reached out to Prachi Shah, founder of Tribal Paintings and a thrifting geek. She curated this ultimate directory of 50 Indian Instagram thrift stores that too by categories. In Prachi’s words, “Follow accounts that fit your vibe. Every individual has a different style and so does a thrift store.” We’ve listed the individual Instagram account handles by category below too.

Model: Prachi Shah; Oversized Shirt: @mumbaithrifts
Red Bag: @thri.ft8389


  1. @prithvi.thrift
  2. @mumbaithrifts
  3. @titicoco22
  4. @aimavintage
  5. @thethrift_hmg
  6. @a_shopaholics_therapy

T-Shirts + Hoodies + Bottoms

  1. @groovy__fits
  2. @thefinefinds
  3. @kenyakusuru
  4. @paradimethrift
  5. @Vintagesoulthrift
  6. @lovelythriftkohima
  7. @bottomdrawervintage
Body Suit: @posh.pastt
Plain Pants: @delphic_azaleas
Bag: @assortments2.0

Dresses + Skirts

  1. @folkpants
  2. @aimee.loved
  3. @lusthrift
  4. @shop.90somethings

Cute Casuals

  1. @irnona_
  2. @strawbabieshop
  3. @nush.thrifts
  4. @2econdhandheaven
  5. @itakustore
  6. @curated.findings
  7. @bubu_finds
  8. @thrifttribe_

Corsets + Bodysuits + Lingerie

  1. @posh.pastt
  2. @pandapickedstore
  3. @repose__________
  4. @cocosorority
  5. @dainty_delicates
  6. @mumus_finds
  7. @dodos_finds
  8. @luu__liu_
Model: Prachi Shah; Black white corset: @cocosorority

Handmade Accessories

  1. @chris.x.alex
  2. @littletiffanny
  3. @lgbthrifty
  4. @the90sshop
  5. @hidden_pretty9
  6. @h.e.n.s.u
  8. @neahstudios

Assorted Items

  1. @assortments2.0
  2. @fav.picks
  3. @ririz_handpicked
  4. @supply_of_2nd_chances
  5. @kashan_kachon
  6. @delphic_azaleas
  7. @kawai_fuku
  8. @stockpyl
  9. @lunoe.closet
Handmade bag: @littletiffanny

Thrifting is a great way to decrease our carbon footprint, support small business owners, and build a sustainable wardrobe all at once. While thrifting is tempting and all the rage right now, it is also important to remember to ask ourselves if we really need another new item in our wardrobe. The ultimate goal is to buy less, choose well, and extend the life of existing clothing.

Prachi Shah is a content creator and the founder of Tribal Paintings, a platform that helps Gond painters of Madhya Pradesh to merchandize their paintings. Prachi practices sustainability by thrifting clothes, supporting cruelty-free makeup brands, and trying to add vegan food to her diet.




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